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Frequently Asked Questions.


What is the “Auto Mall Application”?

            The Auto Mall Application is the “back end” that holds, administers, and presents all of the data in the client’s inventory. The client's web site uses this application to present the data over the Internet. This allows the website to change dynamically with the client’s inventory.

Will this application work with other dealerships besides just automotive?

            Yes! We have developed this application to work equally well with RVs, boats, motorcycles, or anything with a VIN. number to identify the vehicle.

How do I attract people to my site?

            Add your website name to everything you can. Your site should be on your business cards, Yellow page advertisement, and any ads you place in the local newspaper. 

            In addition, you can have ADAC Programming optimize your site and work to have your site rank well in the search engines.

 Why should I put my inventory on the Internet when my clients are local?

            Reasons include:

1.      Many people start their search for a car at home by newspaper. If they find the car they want, that’s where they’ll stop their search. Make it just as easy to view your inventory as it is to look in the paper.

2.      Pull in potential clients from neighboring towns. Put ads in nearby newspapers for one of your cars and add your website address for them to view the car. When they come to your site they will not only see one car they are looking for, but your entire inventory. One ad can advertise all your cars. If they find the car they want, people will drive to nearby towns that they may have never considered going to before to look for a car.

3.  People will travel from other states if you have the precise car they're looking for.

4.      Web sites are a good way to add a feeling of stability to your business. People expect an established business to have a web site.

Do I own the website?

            No, but you can own the domain name used for the website, the website and the application are tied together. The web site will not operate correctly without the Auto Mall Application.

            Affordable Database and Computer Programming (ADAC Programming) provides a service using the Auto Mall application developed by ADAC Programming. setup, hosting, and inventory adjustment fees are for the service provided by the Auto Mall application and the application database.   

What if I already own a website, can I just tie into the inventory page from the Auto Mall Application?

            Yes. Dealers with their own sites can just tie into the one inventory page. All of the costs will remain the same. Please call for more information.

How do I add or change inventory?

            Inventory is added, or adjusted for a fee per transaction. Items can be added online  or transaction forms can be emailed to the site administrator. Inventory pictures of the vehicle can be mailed or emailed. One vehicle can be added, or adjusted per transaction. The Site Administrator will format and size the picture and add the vehicle to your inventory.

Who owns the domain name used for my site?

            When a new site is created, ADAC Programming registers the Domain name in our name. This allows us to renew the Domain name easily. If a client wishes to own the Domain name used for his website, ADAC Programming will transfer ownership of a clients domain name for the normal hourly fee for the time necessary to transfer the ownership. At this point the client becomes responsible for the renewal and administration of the domain name.

Can I customize my website?

            Yes. ADAC Programming charges an hourly fee for site customization.

How much does it this all cost?

            There is a one time set up fee, monthly hosting and a per transaction fee per car. See     "Auto Mall Prices” for the price schedule.


used car
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