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Web hosting is a key to your website. If you want yourself to get prominent in the world of Internet, then you need to get the aid of web hosting companies. Research and evaluate which web hosting company best suits your need.

What is web hosting? If your web site is ready and you want it to be viewed by different persons, then surely there is a way to get your website online. To have an online presence you need to keep your website on a server, where different people would come to view your website. Advance users do know how to turn a computer in to a server or also known as a host computer or the hosting servers. Therefore, in order to make your website accessible online you need to keep your website on these host computers which are used for hosting purposes. You can host your site on hosting server like Dedicated or Colocation hosting server or on some other servers offering great reliability hosting like virtual private servers or managed hosting servers . Your website would be uploaded on these hosting computers so that it can be made available for the others and can be viewed on the web. This is what web hosting is.

Companies who host your website on their servers are known as web hosting companies or web hosting services provider. They are providing different types of hosting for different types of sites like Ecommerce hosting for ecommerce sites and lots of other variations of hosting are also offered by these hosting companies. These different companies who provide different types of web hosting services, those different types of web hosting services are:-

Reseller web hosting service

If you want to set your own business up, reseller web hosting service could be the right choice for you. In this type of hosting you can brand the web hosting products to your own name and can charge according to your will. It won’t be actually you who would be providing these web hosting services, it would be the real company who will be doing all the back-end work.

You probably will be sharing the amount of money you get with the web hosting company, depending upon the contract that you have signed. Reseller hosting is a budget hosting plane to host your site.

Colocation web hosting service

You can get a colocation hosting plan from a colocation web hosting service provider, with the server being positioned in your own location. You will be provided with all sorts of services and will be connected to the web by your hosting provider.

In collocation hosting you are free to choose the hardware of your choice, and you will be having many more privileges, like the configuration of your server will be setup by you. You are even free to choose the type of operating system that is to be used on your server. Either it could be a Windows or UNIX operating system. There are many web hosting companies present who provide both Windows hosting and, UNIX and Linux hosting services.

Before you choose a web hosting service provider, better do a bit of research on different web hosting companies and find out how good a company is by reading different customer reviews on a specific company. Getting an online presence will surely benefit you in many ways.

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