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Auto Mall Prices

 Per Item Prices                              Click Here for Package Deals
Small Medium Large
Site Specifications
 Lot Size (Up To)  25 Cars  50 Cars  75 Cars
 Monthly Data Transfer  10 GB  25 GB  25 GB
 E-mail Addresses  5   7  10
 Email Storage  100 MB   100 MB   100 MB 
Hosting Fees  (fee does not include Inventory Adds and Adjustments)
 Pay Annually (x12 months)    $19.95    $29.95    $39.95  
 Pay Monthly  $24.95  $34.95  $44.95
Inventory Fees*
Per Transaction $14.95 $12.95 $9.95
 Site Setup    (1 Time fee)  $149.95  $149.95  $149.95

*Inventory Fees:

            Inventory is added, or adjusted for a fee of $9.95 - $14.95 per transaction. One vehicle can be added, or adjusted per transaction. Items can be added online  or transaction forms can be emailed to the site administrator. Inventory pictures of the vehicle can be mailed or emailed. The site administrator (ADAC Programming) will format and size the picture and add the vehicle to your inventory.

Site Customization:

ADAC Programming can provide additional web pages, graphics and other site customization  to an Auto Mall web site for the hourly fee of $40.00.

used car
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