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Northern California Used Car Dealer Websites

For Northern California car dealers only provides you with the benefit of having your own website to display your inventory and direct your clients to and the benefits of having your inventory displayed in the heavily promoted NorCal Cars website.

For as little as $149.95 a month, you can use the power of NorCalCars to display your entire inventory to over one thousand people each day.

Dealers in the Redding Ca area have two options for adding their inventory.

  • For one low price we will come to your car lot, take up to 4 pictures of each new car, and update your inventory (using your Karpower Database), once per week.* We take care of all the work of sizing, optimizing and uploading your pictures.
  • Update your own inventory. For a lower price you can update your own inventory. Save money by using the easy to use Norcalcars administrative webpage to update your own inventory and upload your own pictures.**

Dealers outside of the Redding area but within Northern California.

  • Can arrange to have Norcalcars update their inventory at an additional cost (varies by distance from Redding and update frequency)
  • Update your own inventory using the Norcalcars administrative webpage.

Have NorCalCars maintain your own dealership website

Each plan includes inclusion of your inventory in the NorCalCars website and inventory maintenance of a website using your own domain name that you can promote and direct your customers to. For those who would like us to design a personal website the initial website design and setup starts at $199.95. Prices for custom designed websites vary by site.

Sample Dealer using a Norcalcar provided website:

Dealers who already have a website

NorCalCars is designed to push traffic to your website. Each vehicle you list on NorCalCars displays your Dealership information and a link back to your dealership website.

NorCalCars includes links to your dealership website on many high traffic pages. Each of these pages link directly to your site sending daily visitors to your dealership website.

Take advantage of the power of the Internet. While we do all the work for you. Display an unlimited number of cars for one low price!***

We maintain your inventory $299.95 per month
You update the inventory, $149.95 per month.****

Contact us at (530) 723-9574 for more information or to get started.

* Price includes 1 visit per week spending up to 1/2 hour per visit.
** Pictures must pass a minimum standard.
*** Must all be at one dealer location.
**** Training and technical support included. Norcalcars periodically checks the quality of the pictures and will advise if changes need to be made. If Norcalcars is required to make the adjustments in order to maintain the quality of our site, additional charge may apply.

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