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Web hosting is only offered to clients requiring other web services.

Starter Business Enterprise
 Web Storage  100 MB  500 MB  1000 MB
 Monthly Data 
 2 GB  3 GB  10 GB
 E-mail  5  10  20
 Email Storage  100 MB   500 MB   1000 MB 
 SQL Server*  N/A  10 MB FREE  20 MB FREE
Pay Annually (x12 months)    $9.95    $14.95    $34.95  
 Pay Monthly  N/A  $24.95  $44.95
 FREE Setup
(for a limited time)
 $29.95  $49.95  $49.95

Choosing the right website hosting can make your life as a webmaster much easyer as well as affect how well your site does in the search engines. For more information on choosing a webhost View this article on SEO Webhosting

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