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The major dealerships have websites because they work.
Let one work for
you too.

Consider some of the Benefits of displaying your inventory on the Internet:

  • Web sites add a feeling of stability to your business; people expect an established business to have a web site. 
  • Pull in potential clients from neighboring towns. Put ads in nearby newspapers for one of your cars and add your website address for them to view the car. When they come to your site they will not only see one car, but your entire inventory. One ad can advertise all your cars.
  • Lower your advertising bill by putting small ads in the newspapers instead of picture ads.
  • People will travel from a distance to buy from you, if you have the precise car they’re looking for.


Let ADAC Programming help you reach your sales potential!

Quickly and easily display your inventory on the Internet. We can create auto mall agreementa complete web site using your custom information for a one-time setup fee.
Click here to view sample a web site.

Adding inventory is quick and easy:


Auto Mall Features:

  • Point your own Domain name to the Auto Mall web site.
    • Your clients will only see your name on their browser. i.e. ''.
  • 5 page web site.
  • Up to 10 email addresses.
  • Use your own logos, graphics and dealer information.
    Contact ADAC to get started!
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