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Free Northern California Automotive Classifieds.

Northern California Free Classifieds Free Classifieds

Use the power of the Internet and NorCalCars Free classifieds to sell your car, truck, RV, boat or motorcycle. NorCalCars is searched by hundreds of people every day looking to buy a new car, truck or recreational vehicle. (If you are a non-automotive business looking for free advertisement try for a list of free classified sites)

Be sure to take advantage of the photo feature of this powerful sales tool. It’s a proven fact that people are more likely to buy when they have seen a picture of the vehicle.

Local Ads Only

You don’t need to sift though hundreds of ads from other states. NorCalCars Classifieds is for Northern California only. Why look at cars that are too far away to buy, everything in our classifieds is local to Northern CA residents.

Print ads and NorCalCars Classifieds a winning team.

Save money when you advertise in the local newspapers. Take out a cheaper print ad and add “Photo in” or “View car at classifieds” to the bottom of your ad, there is no additional cost to you and you get both forms of advertisement, to help you sell your vehicle quickly.


Signing up to sell your car is quick and easy. Just fill in a few items so we can contact you when someone is interested in your vehicle, choose the best place to section to advertise in and tell us about your car.

Safe and private

You choose if your phone number and address is displayed. When someone is interested in your car they send us their question and we forward it to you. Your email remains private unless you want to give it to them.

Did we mention FREE

There is no cost to adding your classified photo ad. We do not charge you when you add your vehicle or if you sell it, yes this is free.

Sell your used Car, Truck or RV today!

Northern California Free Classifieds adac

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